A comic I've been following for years about a girl's life through college. The artist behind the strip, Starline Hodge, is always consistent with updates.

Lol, not even sure what the comic is really about these days but I keep up because I love this dude's creativity, humor, and style.

Another comic I've been reading for years. Canada!

Dopest zombie comic I read since Walking Dead. And I read this comic BEFORE Walking Dead.

Ahem, the proper term is sequential art...


Cats joking on video games. No lose here.

Bleedman's PPG

Anime Powerpuff Girls! PLUS Every other cool cartoon that existed.


If there was one comic I was a rabid fan of it's Loserz. It followed this group of friends from High School to College in the most realest ways I've ever experienced from any entertainment medium. Long live Loserz!

When I'm not drawing comics or designing something I'm usually on one of these sites, or at least have it bookmarked. :D

The place is basically a big hangout spot for anybody even remotely interested in art, gaming, and music. This site has it all and it's an all around internet classic.

The Articulated Comic Book Art Group Page

Where I get to enjoy pics of action figures and post my own too. Check it out!



Or just google "Tystarr"