Twisted Comix is a comedic webcomic following the lives of a few average teens who just happen to be experiencing this twisted thing we call life.

That sounds interesting. What does all that mean? 
It's a comic about funny stuff. Just sit back and enjoy!

Where does it take place?
Though the main characters live in Brooklyn, New York the strip takes place wherever whenever.

Is there a story?
There is a real loose continuity but I wouldn't try to follow it too hard.

That's just the way life's not really about what happened as much as it is about what's happening.

Isn't that Pretty deep for a comic strip?
Ahem, the proper term is sequential art...

twistedcrewThere are soo many characters in the Twisted Comix universe that trying to explain them all to you would be like naming every creature on Earth. So instead I'll tell you about the main characters.

Who are the main characters?

Theres Ty the big headed star of the comic, Ty always has something to say and it usually doesn't need to be said. He's an intelligent guy yet still hasn't learned the concept of when to shut up.

The big headed co-star of the comic, Lisha is who the girls want to be and who the guys want to be with.  Too bad she's stuck with Ty and doesn't know exactly why.

Crys is Ty's friend and favorite target for jokes. While most times he is easy going and laid back he has been known to get ruthless with his comebacks.

When you look up friendly in the dictionary you'll see Chris's picture but is he really Mr.Nice guy or is he hiding something sinister behind the spectacles and fro?

Is that it?

Characters come and go so keep your eyes peeled for new folks in each strip from dark ex-girlfriends, celebs, mythical creatures to cousins, future selves and more!

Who designed

The site's design was created by Tystarr Productions. This is version 8 of the website since it's creation in 2007.
Here are a few previews of past designs.
*Take note the images link to the full size layouts which might take a while to load depending on your connection speed.

The Past Websites

Whats new with this page?

- New back-end
- Includes this cool faq page
- More interaction
- Less ads.
- Rss Feeds.
- And More comics!!

How are the strips created?

I make the strip however it is convenient for me at the time. The early comics were drawn on paper then scanned into the computer to be colored and worded. Next I started drawing directly on the computer using my optical mouse. Years later I decided I liked keeping the use of my hand so I upgraded to a Wacom tablet to draw on my computer naturally. Any route I take ends in using Photoshop to color, add shading, wording, and to set up panel lines. I sometimes venture into different programs to give a different look or just to try something new. I'll give you all the complete tutorial when I make it. Keep posted!

Who makes Twisted comix?

Me! Tystarr. I should be speaking in third person like, "Tystarr is the author of Twisted blah blah blah" but that's weird so you're getting the stats straight from me!

Why Twisted Comix?
Why not? I like to draw and I like to think I'm funny so Twisted Comix is my way of telling jokes though my art plus it gives me more of a reason to draw more often.

'Kay, enough about the comic. Tell us about yourself.
Well, don't mind if I do...

Name: Tystarr

Born: September 1989. Thats all you get.

Height: 6'2 or 6'3 ..I forget..

Weight: What is this a police report??

Eye Color: Brown..but do you really care?

Righty or lefty: Righty..cuz lefties are my sister.

What are your hobbies?

Besides drawing I read comics (digital and paper), collect action figures (I have a huge collection.), do a bit a photography (I'm still new at this.), run a graphic design business (Tystarr Productions) and cook like I'm on the Food Network.

Can you teach me how to draw?
All I can tell you is draw and draw A LOT. Not just cartoons but draw from real life and whatever you draw in your head will come out just as nice. It just might take some time...

How can we reach you?
I live on the internetz so you can catch me at these places..

Or hit me up below. (lol see what I did there?)

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