Whats up world? Twisted Comix is back and updating every Wednesday and Friday! Now that's whats up! I've been updating for the past two weeks and its been going great. More updates to come and I got something special out there to celebrate the first 100 Twisted Comix Strips!

So much has gone on during the small hiatus. The biggest news is "Twisted Comix" is now a part of Plot Holes Comic Collective. Check out all the other entertaining webcomics in the collective!
Three exclamation points in the first two paragraphs, we must be doing it big here.
Plus, look out for exclusive Lip Gloss Teen Magazine Twisted Comix strips hitting the mag before they hit this site.
If you don't what a Lip Gloss Teen magazine is, heres the description straight from www.LipGlossMagazine.com

OMG! Lip Gloss is a magazine about fashion, style, celebrity, life, love, school, community service and culture for teen girls. When you want to see a real representation of your lives, turn to Lip Gloss. When you want to see respect for your loves, desires and aspirations, turn to Lip Gloss. When you want hot news, sharp style and inspiring ideas, turn to Lip Gloss. You're free to be fabulous and Lip Gloss is the perfect finishing touch! MMMMmmmmmm, Lip Gloss.

Doesn't that sound cool? The site isn't up yet for the public but when it is, I'll definitely let you know.

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