Today is my birthday! Yayy but now onto something that really matters.

I just made a cool guest strip for and after seeing my work up there I thought it would be awesome time to finally reveal my plan!!

I was going to ask all of my art buddies personally but I rather ask right here since I know there are people that read my strip I never get to chat to on a regular basis soooo here it goes:

My webcomic Twisted Comix is near its 100th strip and to celebrate I would appreciate it if my fav artists (and good online "friends") would contribute a guest strip.

The rules are simple.

  • Width -750px
  • Height- Whatever you want
  • No serious cussing (just to keep it for everyone)
I'm telling everyone now to give time for you to do whatever, we all are busy and I KNOW drawing a comic strip takes serious time.

I really love how artists interpret others work and seeing Twisted Comix in a new light would be you get a free Twisted Comix sticker!

Soooo.. are you interested in making history Twisted Comix style??

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